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After plenty of time pondering, you’ve finally decided to make the dive and opt for an inground pool. The next question is usually geared toward selecting the best time to build a pool. While construction time is fully dependent on your individual pool, we’ve got some standard protocols when it comes to finding the best time to build your pool. Reach out to our team at KustomScapes & Pools to get a head start on the process with a personalized pool consultation today!

When Is the Best Time to Build a Pool?

You may be surprised by the answer, but the best time to build a pool is typically in the fall or winter seasons. While you may automatically assume spring and summer are the top choices with much warmer weather, those two seasons usually bring about unpredictable weather conditions and an influx of installation requests from clients.

Spring / Summer

Spring is a popular time to opt for a pool building because most clients want to use their pools come summer. However, spring isn’t usually the best time to build a pool if you want it done in a rush due to unpredictable weather, dampened ground, and increased rainfall. Summer is one of the best times to build a pool, but it can also be an extremely busy time for builders.
Best Time To Install A Pool

Fall / Winter

Building a pool in the winter or fall can be extremely beneficial. Although it is chillier, there are plenty of pros that make this time of year the best time to build a pool. Because of the off-season, you won’t be rushing to choose your features, pool treatment, or landscaping options. The weather in these months is also much easier to predict, there’s more availability, and it gives you ample time to prep your space for the upcoming pool season.

Consult with Our Experts

The bottom line when it comes to determining the best time to build a pool is fully dependent on your personal budget, pool design, and other factors. The most beneficial way to discover the perfect time to construct your pool is by contacting our team. Schedule a consultation with KustomScapes where we will work with you closely to craft a custom pool tailored to your needs! Get your free estimate today!

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