Maryland Pool Regulations (What You Need To Know)


Stride through the Guidelines

When you hear the term “Maryland pool regulations,” you may tense up and immediately think of a long list of rules and codes. Luckily, our team is here to make learning the rules more fun and easy to float through. Dip your toes in and follow along as we discuss Maryland pool regulations, and contact KustomScapes for any of your pool or landscape-related inquiries!

State of Maryland Private Pool Regulations

If you’re a current pool owner or a soon-to-be pool owner, we’ve gathered some of the Maryland pool regulations to help you out. Each county's regulations are different, but most of the preliminary steps remain the same across the board. Here are a few things you need to know before your pool installation:
Organize Your Documents: Gathering all property documents and plot plans is essential to prep for your oasis. We can assist you in gathering the documents needed to help determine the perfect pool location that complies with county and town requirements. Here are important components to note in the planning process:
Things You'll Need: Additionally, you will need the following:
When you have the plot plans and property documents organized, up to code, and ready to go, you can submit them for review. Once reviewed, you will most likely have electrical and building inspections to ensure everything is working properly and is well aligned with Maryland pool regulations. The state of Maryland pool regulations do not require pool covers or pool fences, but select counties might, so be sure to check with your local guidelines.

Protect Your Property

One of the final steps in our list of Maryland Pool Regulations is to make sure your pool contractor has a valid Maryland Home Improvement Contractor’s License in their company’s name. Only a licensed contractor is permitted to install a pool and hardscaping. This regulation exists to protect the homeowner and your property. Without a valid contractor’s license, the homeowner has no recourse if something goes wrong with the project.

Keep Calm & Swim On

Owning a pool should be a fun experience for the entire family, but it is also important to abide by the rules so your pool can be in top shape for usage. Our team takes our time to ensure you have a beautifully custom-designed pool that is safe, up to code, and in alignment with Maryland pool regulations. Contact KustomScapes to learn more about the pool guidelines for the state and get started on creating your backyard oasis today!

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